Particularly relevant service for travelers traveling late night flights. It was then that I want to plan everything in advance, having reached the destination quickly and conveniently.
By ordering a transfer to the airport from home , travelers will avoid the hustle and bustle that inevitably accompanies passengers arriving at the airport. This is a crush at the exit, nervousness when trying to catch a free taxi, search for currency exchange points, queues at cash registers and ATMs. All this can spoil the mood on the first day of rest.
To travel to the hotel is not overshadowed travelers, it is necessary to use the order transfer to the airport. The driver will meet passengers at the airport with a sign as close to the arrival area as the rules allow. When ordering a regular taxi will have to look for a car.
The driver of the transfer will help with loading and unloading luggage , will take you to the hotel or hotel in Montenegro by the shortest route. On the trip, he can hold a short excursion-story around the city to get acquainted with Tivat if desired by the passengers.

Fill out the search form

Fill out the search form

Choose car class

Choose car class

We will confirm your transfer

We will confirm your transfer

The driver will meet with a sign

The driver will meet with a sign



The cars are regularly checked, in good technical condition, the salons are well-kept and clean. During the trip, all passengers are covered by insurance. Cars are driven by professional drivers with a long history of work who know Montenegro well. With our company, passengers carry minimal risks.


Fixed price trip to Montenegro Traditionally, airports have overvalued exchange rates. Tourists lose decent money on operations. You can pay for the cost of travel in Montenegro immediately upon placing your order by choosing a convenient currency for payment. Upon arrival you will not need to pay extra. The price of the trip does not depend on the number of people, travel time, traffic congestion.
Ordering a taxi at special counters at the airport will cost passengers much more expensive . "Troika taxi" is not interested in overpricing, and the driver will not zigzag around the city to wind the cost of the trip. This is the advantage of ordering a transfer directly to the airport in front of a regular taxi.
Services of private owners will also be more expensive, there is a risk of running into illegal drivers of “ephemeral”, who are not responsible for the safety of transportation, for the price of the trip, its duration and the capacity of the cabin. In addition, knowing that the taxi driver is lucky tourists, he deliberately inflates the price for the road by 2-3 euros to earn.

Comfort Customers are offered a large selection of additional services: you can optionally order a fast track. If upon arrival in Montenegro there are difficulties with the settlement due to ignorance of the language, the company will assist in registering at the reception.
Facilities that are provided to passengers when traveling in a car:
   • drinking water;
   • wi-fi;
   • chairs for children;
   • currency exchange at a favorable rate.
Driver's experience is especially important in Montenegro, since there are often no rooms there. Russian-speaking tourists it is unusual. Ordering a taxi, they can not tell the driver where to go. An inexperienced carrier may lead tourists to the wrong address, spending time and nerves of the client.
Usually when ordering a city taxi, dispatchers do not call back to confirm the trip. The taxi driver just arrives at the place and waits for passengers. We will confirm your transfer . Passengers do not have to worry about the service.
An SMS message will be sent to your mobile phone with notification of the successful order and its processing by the operator. In addition, a duplicate will be sent to the e-mail with a notification about the preparation of the machine.

Rapidity When ordering a taxi from the airport will have to wait for the car 10-15 minutes after registration. Thanks to early booking, the transfer is already filed before the arrival of the flight.
When returning the road by public transport or ordinary urban taxis can cause a lot of trouble: bad weather, traffic jams, the lack of extra cars in the tourist peak, delayed cars due to unforeseen circumstances. When booking early transfer to the airport, travelers do not need to worry about timely arrival at the reception. The car will take you from anywhere in the city to the airport of Montenegro quickly and comfortably.

Large selection of machines To services of clients are cars of any type: passenger cars, minivans for families with children, buses for tourist groups. For transportation, fresh cars are served, there are business category cars.
If you are flying a big company or a family, then it is better to use a minibus or minivan. It can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people.


Before ordering, the user can estimate the cost of the trip, the availability of transport and the route of movement. You can arrange transfer to the airport right there and back, to the city center or the airport.
Making an order in advance is not difficult for Russian-speaking users: booking is made in just 3 steps . You can apply in advance, while still at home, a taxi always arrives on time.
When ordering, you need to specify the number of passengers, whether there are children. A preliminary calculation will show the available cars, cost, baggage capacity and passenger capacity. Be sure to include contacts for communication, the amount of baggage.
To find out the cost of the trip, you must specify the point of departure and point of arrival. Most often, the transfer is requested from Tivat airport, then to go to the city or village with hotels, apartments and private guest houses. And at the end of the holiday the same transfer is ordered back. You can order a car to the bus station and other points of the city.
In order for the car to arrive on time to meet the tourists, you must specify the flight number of the aircraft. You can book a transfer to the airport in advance, the price will be fixed and will not increase regardless of the flight delay, traffic jams or unforeseen circumstances. The company monitors the arrival flight in advance. Even if the plane is delayed, the driver will be aware of and arrive at the actual time of arrival.
Providing people with airport transfers, we realize the main advantages of the service in Montenegro for customers: reliability, comfort, quality and low fixed prices.